Will I void my warranty?

Be aware that when purchasing performance parts from Husker Diesel Performance, you are purchasing a "performance part" and its use is at "your own risk". It may be necessary to remove the product from your vehicle before servicing, as it may interfere with factory diagnostic equipment.

Please review your Vehicles warranty, and the Installation of Aftermarket Products clause for more information concerning your rights when installing performance parts. As the Buyer, you accept full responsibility for the proper use and service of all products, and you waive all liability claims against Husker Diesel Performance. The purchase and installation of products indicate buyer's acceptance of these conditions. By submitting an order with Husker Diesel Performance, you declare that you have read and accepted all the terms, conditions, and responsibilities of your purchase.

If you would like specific clarification on the Federal Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act, and your rights, please visit www.sema.org for more information on this issue.